مشاوره مدیریت واقعی برای بیزنس های واقعی

درون سازمان
Inside the organisation
بیرون سازمان
Outside the organisation

مشاوره آلمانی (تغییر سازمانی)
Change management

ارزیابی استراتژی بازار
Strategy consulting

پشتیبانی تصمیم گیری های پیچیده، شامل استراتژی های سرمایه گذاری داخلی
Decision making support including corporate strategy

خدمات پشتیبان توسعه کسب و کار
Business development support services

حل مسائل عملیاتی چند-متغیره
OR including optimisation

خدمات معامله سهام خصوصی و توافقات بین شرکتی
M&A advisory

مقایسه خدمات دفتر مشاوره عتیقه چی با شیوه های دیگر مشاوره مدیریت

ارزش ها و اصول دفتر مشاوره عتیقه چی
Values and Protocols

نمونه مسائل

Atighehchi is an independent, boutique management consulting and professional services practice in Tehran, Iran. We have a track record of working with international players in Iran. We offer visibility and understanding of the market, and reliably support business development and negotiations. Customers of Atighehchi consulting office share a few in common:
  • Target problem is vague, uncertain or complex,
  • There are financial, political or emotional exigencies,
  • Mainstream service providers lack relevant know-how and tools
<At the moment we do not actively accept new cases, as we have downsized in the wake of the US sanctions and refocused our resources to current projects --I'm putting most of my time now in an investment advisory practice. However, we'd be excited to hear your story and tell you ours and see how we may be able to support your objectives.>

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دفتر مشاوره مدیریت عتیقه چی، یک بوتیک مستقل مشاوره مدیریت است که امتیازات ویژه ای به شرکت های خصوصی ارائه می دهد. این دفتر برای تغییر موثر سازمان و اصلاح الگوهای سازمانی از سبک معینی که 'آلمانی' نامگذاری کرده ایم استفاده می کند. خدمات حرفه ای، مانند طرح های تجاری و بهینه سازی عملیات، نیز که برای مراجعین آشناتر است ارائه می شود.
وجه مشترک مراجعین دفتر مشاوره عتیقه چی این است:
  • صورت مسئله مورد نظر مبهم، غیرقابل پیش بینی یا پیچیده است --یا خدمات مربوطه صرفا در ایران ارائه نمی شود مانند مشاوره خرید و فروش سهام خصوصی
  • حل مسئله ضرورت مالی، سیاسی یا احساسی دارد. هزینه فرصت یا ریسک قابل توجه است
  • سرویس دهندگان مرسوم، بدون توجه به طبقه اجتماعی-سیاسی ایشان، ابزارهای لازم برای حل مسئله را ندارند
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June 2021

The Good, The Bad and Ugly

At a ceremony to welcome the new Mossad chief, Barnea, Netanyahu said "If we have to choose, --I hope it doesn't happen,-- between friction with our great friend the United States and eliminating the existential threat, [we choose] eliminating the existential threat." Then Barnea, to stress the point, added "the Iranian program will continue to be met with the full power of the long arm of the Mossad. We are very familiar with the different components of the nuclear program and we are very familiar personally with the officials involved in it and also with the officials who direct them."

Israel is calling on Iran for direct confrontation louder than ever. Iran, though, may find this a godsend. The idea that Iran just needs to sit and watch a "friction" develop in the Israeli-American relations would become a more important part of its calculus than before; Could Iran play its part in JCPOA talks so to let the two allies break ties? The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic would need to decide what is the maximum extent of damage in the American-Israeli relations Iran could expect reasonably. If the potential gains are suddenly considerable, Iran may opt to re-prioritise its objectives and schedule.

While we have not yet adjusted our earlier estimate of a deal in October, later developments that hint at this new possibility may signal a change in when a deal is reached and its terms.

In the meantime, Iran has already moved further away from business with the West and we could expect opportunities in such relations would inevitably become less significant and more sporadic.